What is the meaning of duke of zhou interprets dreams loose teeth

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duke of zhou interprets dreams loose teeth what is the meaning of

dream about loose teeth, which indicates that heart again and again there are the same kind of feeling and mood. Teeth is the hardest parts of a human body, it symbolizes our long-term accumulation of values and beliefs, and personal ability to firm performance, loose teeth, illustrates the shake of faith, confidence and ability at the same time has also been eroded. In addition, people only when I was young and the old teeth are not so strong, both of which reflect a kind of ability and the status of the poor, not too small in mature, is energy in reducing slowly, about your pressure, under pressure, you feel the confidence of the damage, energy consumption, have a kind of helpless feeling.

dream about loose teeth, purely a symbol of the teeth there was something wrong with itself.

dream about loose teeth, a symbol of the interpersonal relationship out of the question.

dream about loose teeth, a symbol of the psychological regression.

dream about loose teeth, the original strong beliefs may be shaken.

dream about loose teeth quickly away: health have the shadow. Attention should be paid to the digestive system, are likely to suffer from diseases such as acute gastroenteritis, stomach ulcers, gastroptosis, appendicitis. At this time to be absolutely prohibited overeating

job dream about loose teeth quickly dropped predict job: a job full of test process, the law of survival of the fittest in operation, tend to suppress certain temperament to fulfill a wish to get position of his nature.

the middle-aged dream about loose teeth quickly dropped the recent fortunes fortune: luck gradually decline. Words and actions need to be careful, and beware of small frame, provoke lawsuit.

single men and women dream about loose teeth quickly away herald in love: love, the environment around the feelings for you now caused great influence, especially the opinions of the family and friends, let you shake. Overwhelmed you don't know should be follow your heart or consider others. Crisis in you and the other person's feelings. You in the face of the person you like, you have no confidence, can't do, and miss opportunities.