Dreaming about mice,dreams about a mouse

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In life, rats always appear in the opposite roles. Therefore, in dreams, rats imply harm. In the dream, the mouse is an image with obvious sexual meaning, usually with the meaning of pubic hair. It slips into or out of the hole, especially symbolizing male sex organs. If you dream that a mouse is caught by a trap or mousetrap, it means castration. The image of a wild rat rummaging around the ground reminds people of penis and anus. The dreamer may feel guilty, filthy, disgusted, even angry and disgusted with sex. It may also indicate that the dreamer is greedy. In addition, dreaming of mice sometimes indicates that the dreamer will have disputes with close friends or family members.

When you see a mouse, it means that you set up too many enemies in your life, which may cause you to be lonely because your way of doing things is too utilitarian. This is obviously not appropriate in a social society, so we should try our best to improve this shortcoming.

If you scare the mouse away in your dream, it means that you can overcome the difficulties and overcome the troubles or enemies in your heart.

It's doubtful that dreams of letting rats escape indicate the legitimacy of your so-called struggle.

Dreaming about  catching mice indicates that you may suffer losses from making dishonest friends.

Dreaming about fighting with rats indicates that you are likely to have social barriers and encounter difficulties in dealing with people.

Dreaming about a lot of mice indicates that you may encounter successive failures or have strong sexual problems.

Dream about rats in their own room hole, remind you to be careful of thieves and thieves.

If you have a dream that a mouse is on your clothes, it means that someone you trust is slandering you.

The doctor dreamed of mice and warned you to be careful of infectious diseases nearby.

Dream about  catching mice with mousetrap, indicating that you may receive unpleasant news or unwelcome guests.

Dreaming that rats are trapped by mousetraps and struggling, it suggests that there is a great possibility of getting involved in the dispute between right and wrong. At this time, you should pay special attention to your words and deeds.

Dream about  killing a mouse, that you will defeat your opponent, property or income will increase.

Dream about  dead mice, that the plight is about to end, will soon have good luck.

The young woman dreams of a mouse and warns her that someone is deceiving her. Be careful of the hidden enemy.

Dreaming that a mouse is caught or killed by a cat indicates that the enemy may kill each other. At the same time, it warns you that it's better not to let others interfere in your own affairs.

Dream about  a white mouse leading the way. It's a sign of starting a new business with others. A rich life will accompany you, but it should be noted that mental fatigue is inevitable.

Dreaming about  mice playing in the trees indicates that they are about to get promotion or high prestige.

The dream that the mouse bit the clothes indicates that the planned things are going well, and the benefits are obtained. You can enjoy the fruits of joy.

Dreaming about mice peeping around or coming by with curious eyes, it means that they will build or rebuild houses or shops, and thus make huge profits.

The dream that there are swarms of rats in the house, which makes the whole world turn upside down, indicates that there will be property loss, physical illness, traffic accidents and other unlucky things.

Dream about mice choking or tears, suggesting that the cause of an accident or property damage due to younger or future generations.

Dreaming about mice dancing is a sign of unfair events. You may also encounter Waterloo in your career. You should be careful at this time.