Dream about millet,Dream about buying millet

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Dream about millet, is auspicious, indicating that life will be carefree.

Dream about eating millet, indicating gastrointestinal health.

Dream about buying millet, indicating the increase of savings.

The dream about planting millet indicates that labor will be rewarded.

Dream in millet, indicating that there will be sincere friends around to rely on.

Single people dream about millet, the recent love of each other's attempts to find out, do not be deceived.

Candidates dream about millet, indicating good test results.

Unmarried men dream about millet, which means that your fortune is good, but to prevent villains from paying.

Dream about millet maggots, everything will go well, but do not take it lightly.

Dream about millet born insects, wealth will be greatly improved. The excess expenditure is reduced, and there is still a lot of pocket money by the end of the month. The money lent to a friend can certainly be recovered.

Single people dream that millet is born with worms, which indicates that the relationship changes. Impetuous mentality will gradually be ironed out, and new love opportunities will gradually emerge. We will take a rational view of the current emotional situation and may make major decisions.

Manual workers dream that millet is infested with insects, indicating that the focus of attention is on the five senses, which may cause inflammatory symptoms. In addition, drowsiness or insomnia may occur.

Dream about eggs and millet, will go bad luck recently, because of their carelessness, will make some small mistakes, cause the dissatisfaction of the superior, to be careful ah.

Businessmen dream that family eggs and millet will increase their wealth. The growth of their income is related to the support or support of their families. For investment, real estate or blue chip stocks are better, and long-term investment is more profitable.