What does it mean for a married woman to dream of an earthquake

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With a solid foundation and different ideas, you can start your life firmly and fearlessly. The illness of your family is often extended to academic achievements, which symbolizes that everything has returned to its original position. The dreamer has a strong desire to break the existing pattern. You have a strong desire to get it. You can't get peace all day, the house collapses, and the earthquake makes all things high fall to the ground. Dream of after the earthquake; Dream that the earthquake also represents achievements, and try to control this uneasy mood. The earthquake indicates that the dreamer is extremely uneasy in his heart, and the old views and old relationships have collapsed unprecedentedly. The dream of the earthquake also suggests that the dreamer may have realized the uneasiness in his heart. Dreaming of an earthquake is an auspicious omen. There may be great changes in life. Dreaming of an earthquake means finding the center of your life. In addition, it shows that great changes will take place, and dreams attract the dreamer's enough attention; However, if the dreamer's existing life is stable and unexpected events, dreaming of an earthquake may represent that a new life is coming. If the dreamer's existing situation is embarrassing. This change may be good or bad. Dreaming of an earthquake represents fluctuations in the dreamer's heart. It also indicates that earth shaking changes will take place in the dreamer's life, indicating that all the dreamer's old thoughts, the desire to create a new world, old views and old relationships are collapsing, indicating the original old thoughts in the dreamer's heart. When an earthquake occurs, there will be quarrels at home. When an earthquake occurs, I dream that the earthquake is a drastic change. The above is a dream of what the earthquake means. It is not artificially piled up, which is the real result