" Zhou Gong oneiromancy " who is Zhou Gong?

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The ancients changes to master weather, astronomical phenomena of regular meeting observation will conclude in the future circumstance; Avoid for hasten auspicious fierce, also can rely on augur to forecast. Among them the ancients still sums up the picture in giving sleep to come suggestive the method that will judge good or ill luck in reality. " Zhou Gong oneiromancy " namely such about oneiromancy book.

So the issue came, the title is week of fair oneiromancy, is this Zhou Gong He Fang divine? 

Zhou Gong of according to legend is week day prince, the name that surname female singer dawns (make an appointment with BC 1100) , it is week article king originally the 4th child, the little brother of week fierce king, the politician with our country famous ancient time, militarist, ideologist, educationist, by honour for " yuan emperor " , confucianism learn pioneer. Because its are feudal by cent Feng Zaizhou (today) of north of Shaanxi Qi hill, the rank of nobility is on fair, friend says Zhou Gong.

Zhou Gong is Zhou Chao build with consolidate, stand left extreme meritorious service. He assists hair of fierce king female singer to finish promote destroy the great undertaking of business, built Zhou Chao. After fierce king is dead, into succession of Yo of king female singer. And become Wang Shangnian at that time young, know the thing of manage state affairs far from. In Zhou Chao 100 useless wait for promote when, week is public Dan Daicheng king is in office, handle the affairs of state. Zhou Gong is act as regent before long, caused the jealousy of week of regnant group however, be in charge of father's younger brother and Cai Shuyou in order to distribute a business land very, everywhere start a rumour, say Zhou Gong bully becomes Wang Nian young, the purpose usurps kingship, the Wu Geng of son of king of name of the last ruler of the Shang Dynasty reputedly a tyrant that is sealed to be business land thinks to take advantage, work in collusion with the person such as tubal superintend and director, Cai Shu, pull a banner to rebel. In this pinch, zhou Gong decides to kiss from rate army Dong Zheng, fight through 3 years, calm down revolting, father's younger brother of Wu Geng, canal is put to death kill, cai Shu is gone to by banish outlying area.

After Zhou Gongdong is asked for, begin to execute large fraction to seal, feel at the same time pick Beijing slants on the west, go against regnant whole nation, be necessary to be taken in Oriental Yi Luo build new, be in then Wang Wu year, begin large-scale build new Luoyang, used a year of time only, two towns establish in Luoyang: Wang Cheng is on the west, zhou Cheng is east. City of floorboard the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces. After Luo Yi building, the Western Zhou Dynasty has two capital. From now on, two Beijing appeared to make on Chinese history, during Zhou Gong resides the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces, make a ceremony make merry, establish regnant system of Zhou Chao, this has major effect on Chinese history. After becoming king adult, zhou Gong remands political power king.

Serials bells is the main component in ceremony happy culture

Zhou Gong by honour for Confucianism learn a founder, also be Confucius most esteeming archaic sage.

Week public-operated builds Luo Yi and reside the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces for a long time, having close relationship with Luo Yi. Come thousands of years, the people of Luoyang respects Zhou Gong. To yearn for him, when Sui Chao, ever built Zhou Gongmiao in Luoyang.

Existent Luoyang decides the Lu Yukai austral the vessel to come back east the Zhou Gongmiao museum of road across mouth