Dream about horse,What does it mean to dream about horse

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Dream about horse dancing in front of the courtyard, suggesting that the recent unfortunate things will be solved, the fortunes will be reversed, you will go out of the trough of life, usher in the climax of life, come on!

Dream about  The horse went a long way is a sign of happiness. If you take a certain kind of exam or interview, you will be hired.

Dream about horses coming and going. It's a sign of good news. You're ready to ride your horse for the future!

Dream horse into the room, suggesting that you have adultery, you deceive your spouse has a lover outside, this is a matter of self Immolation, while there is no east window incident, hurry back!

Dream about  horses galloping, which implies that you are actively looking for ways to solve the murderous things. With your efforts, problems will be solved by you one by one, dangers will be eliminated one by one, and your life will usher in the dawn.

It's a sign of good fortune to dream about  horses in the house. Your luck is going to be amazing these days. There's basically nothing to worry about.

Dream about  riding a white horse, this is an ominous sign, suggesting that your health will have problems, to pay attention to the discomfort of the body, there are problems to be treated quickly, never take it lightly.

Dream about  being bitten by a horse, it's a symbol that your position will be promoted. Your efforts have finally been recognized by your superiors, so promotion is natural.

It's a bad omen to dream that horses are furious. Be careful not to have a fire at home.

Dream about falling off your horse, which implies that you will be frustrated in the workplace or in the official arena, you will pay the price for your wrong behavior, and may be demoted to destroy your name. The only way to avoid this dream come true is to focus on others and serve the public wholeheartedly, so that you can turn the danger into a barbarian.

The dream about backward riding implies the coming of bad luck. In real life, you will suffer a lot of troubles because of your absent-minded.

Dreaming that the horse is dead means the end of good luck. Your past days will come to an end. You will soon be fired. Find another way out as soon as possible!

I dreamed that horse Jump up with hind legs would abandon myself in the unfortunate period. It's better to blame yourself for who you are than for who you are. Who made you friends with wine and meat in the past? I think it's bad luck!

I dream that the horse will be followed by me and will soon be awarded the honorary title.

Dream about  riding a horse to run, troubles will be solved, your quarreled friends will make up, but also look forward to further contacts.

If a long-term patient dreams of riding, he will soon be strong.

Dream horse training means being appointed to a special position. If you dream about training horses for acrobatic troupe, you will be famous all over the world