Dream of silkworms eat mulberry leaves

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dream of silkworms eat mulberry leaves : is auspicious.

the old man dreamed of silkworms eat mulberry leaves : the main recent fortunes: peace and prosperity for the coming year. Get along with others, to avoid arbitrary, or damage to the big good charm. Follow all instructions given by the supervisor, must be good. At the same time also have good leadership all.

dream dreams of silkworms eat mulberry leaves parsing

dream of sericulture for mulberry leaf heralds the recent interpersonal relationship is very good, you can adjust the contradiction between people see happening around, to avoid the unexpected.

dreaming that I am busy looking for a mulberry sericulture, indicates your recent bad luck, maybe someone will appear in your side, let you meet with difficulties or frustrations, but don't worry there will be a people come out to help you overcome the difficulties.

dream of silkworm spinning, indicates your recent chart is very good, love and marriage will be very successful, is a good omen.