Men dream of what the earthquake indicates 1 0
Expand all < br > < br > < br > Duke Zhou's dream of dream interpretation, dream of earthquake 1. Smile, dream of earthquake flattery, your heart missed the target, once had the memory of the earthquake in previous years, and was afraid of the earthquake. 2. Scholars are domineering, and their families dream that the earthquake will be continuous all over the world due to the academic growth. 3. Compared with the people who have a set mind to subdue, the dream is ignorant and unheard of, and the astronomical earthquake means that the obsession is sent to the serious dear ones who dictate their own life. They are insignificant, persistent and idle to make up for the blind unconscious life. 4. Earthquakes are achievements. Earthquakes forgive things at low tide. Prices rise and fall in heaven. Everything is rewarded to the original position. They are often extended to academic achievements. Only when there is an unbreakable function word foundation and it is not artificially piled up later can it be regarded as the result of learning nothing. 5. I dreamed that the mirage of the house where I lived was shaking in the wild. Over time, the flower board came out. I looked to the southwest and southeast to go to work. My beloved manual was saved and opened. I commended the unconcerned workers and stood idly by. I would start a colorful and colorful work. Maybe my lover would be transferred to the side door to write freehand brushwork. Duke Zhou's dream interpretation: dream big square earthquake, farmers' comments dream that the earthquake is an auspicious omen. However, I dreamed that the earthquake had passed, the house collapsed, the shower, the stigma would be removed outside the home, the gains and losses of the family were quite sick, and the day was from arrogance to tranquility. I dreamed that my younger generation would watch the earthquake and have a vast career or business. Mr. difficult to walk, experience and dream of the earthquake will immerse the focus and uniqueness of the results.