Dreamed that his mouth was blocked what meaning be

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dreamed that his mouth was blocked what's the meaning of ? What symptom is dreamed that his mouth was blocked? The following analysis for everyone.

mouth is blocked, can't cry, means that there are bitter could not say.

a man dreamed that his mouth was blocked, will be subject to attack, and he had a serious accident.

women dream about nozzle clogged, would be raped.

if the dream about block others' mouth, can let the enemy have bitterness could not say, will conquer the enemy.

dream about his mouth, will be love.

dreamed of his mouth become bigger, economy will suffer losses.

dream about his mouth full of food, is going to get rich.

dream about eating hot scalded mouth, will be seriously ill.

dream about red lips, it is a healthy body, a sign of life rich.

dream about white or yellow lips, sickly.

man dreamed of lips red woman, may be affected by a woman's trick.

man dreamed of white-lipped woman, wife and friends for their loyalty is not sent.

dream about black woman lips, herald to do hard work, or the body tired, or sickness.

dreamed that he was thick lips, cannot abuse themselves.

dream about lips thin woman, will be love.

dream about mouth long tumour, family fortunes decline. For the sake of your hairstyle, there will be disagreements with your parents. Too much different hairstyle, it is best to avoid, otherwise there will be bitter to eat.

dream about flow saliva, the money will be good luck in the future. May accidentally given red packets; Or an extra income. Wait!

dream about tongue stretch longer and longer, in the aspect of spirit seems to have a problem. Due to the emotional ups and downs is too fierce, sesame small things can make you a joy a sorrow.

the above is my analysis of dreamed that his mouth was blocked what's the meaning of , hope to help you.