What is the meaning of dream about a sore throat

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dream what do you mean is a sore throat? What symptom is dream about a sore throat? The following analysis for everyone.

throat is the language of people to express their vital organs.

dream about a sore throat, have a sore throat often represent their ideas can not get full expression.

patient dreamed of a sore throat, indicates his condition will be worse.

visitors dream about a sore throat, said his property will suffer losses.

dream about throat, usually said hidden disaster.

dream about something stuck throat, this is a bad dream, especially often do this dream, must go to see a doctor.

if the dream feeling sore throat or boil, indicated that you might have been unfortunate, or may be sick, must pay attention to body health. The patient to do such a dream, the recent difficult to recover, beware of illness. Visitors to do such a dream, the road to pay attention to safety, be cautious, careful robber robbers, etc of the property.

if you dreamed that he is swallowed, beasts into their throat, said some hostile, to destroy your happiness; Or your career progress is not smooth, an awkward situation, in a bind.

married women dream about a sore throat, means that the bride's family will be bad news.

tourists dream about a sore throat, remind the dreamer should pay more attention to health, on the way out, possible health not guaranteed.

dreamt that something has gone wrong with his throat, means that the dreamer may have very bad things happen.

the above is my analysis of dream about what is the meaning of a sore throat , hope to help you.