dreaming about the wallet

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, about different dream of your wallet explanation:

man dreamed of bulging wallet, everything can be a success.

women dream of bulging wallet, betray her husband.

the thief dream of purse full of money, should be punished.

women dream of empty purse, will be more love her husband, her husband also will be more sincere to love her, workers dream of empty purse, salary will be reduced.

businessman dream of empty purse, bad day to come.

dream of purse full of money from others, friends will treachery.

women dream of someone else's wallet, husband will not like her.

girls dream of get lovers purse full of money, will soon be married couples.

dream of boss give yourself an empty purse, will be sacked.

dream of wallet for others, is auspicious.

dream to give his wife a bulging wallet and his wife have boys.

dreamed to enemy purse, will face down an enemy.

traders dream purse to a friend, will open up a new business locations.

dream of stealing someone else's wallet, will get the respect of the people.

dream of wallet lost, will soon be buying property.

dreamed to steal the wallet and career progression.

dream of empty money magazine, business losses, goods broken destroyed.

dream of iron box full of money, means that the rich, the purpose and desire can realize.