Dream of the police kill

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dreamt that the police kill people: it is said you are the resistance of the society, some bad thoughts in my heart, recently this time could be getting involved in the event of loss of reputation, pay special attention to.

dreamt that the police kill people, some of the larger changes, especially the personnel, gradually, a curse is a blessing, depends entirely on your own thoughts. Ask the opinions of others, can let your mood stable, but you have to understand that the final decision is you. Relationship aspect, the status of the gap is about to change, single you have the chance to meet a wink of the opposite sex.

pregnant women dream of the police kill people, male, accounts for the spring girl, take precautions against abortion.

benmingnian people dreamt that the police kill people, the mood is not stable, twists and turns and obstacles, best confidence.

in love people dreamed of police, to kill each other with consideration, marriage can become.

business people dreamed of police, to kill the twists and turns block is big, should be suspended for a period of time to start again.

reading people dreamed of police kill, not get smoothly, cannot be accepted.

related dream dreamed that the police kill

dreamt he dressed in police uniforms, will be innocent implicated, in a criminal case.

dreamt that the police stood on the side, dangerous one million head, there will be a jail.

dream about when the police, because they do things improper, prestige.

dream of talking to the police, the workplace to get reuse, position was promoted.

dreamt that the police killing of netizen of dream

the net friend dream: dream big drug police closed shop

duke of zhou interprets: the police is a typical image of masculinity, authoritative, standard, the meaning of conscience. Dreamed that hunted by the police, said you may have some of the ideas and impulse, feeling in the deep heart's core is a code of ethics or opposition in the norms of the society, will blame, so nervous. At this time of the police is the symbol of "superego", which is the embodiment of conscience.