Married women dream of rain, okay 1 0
Duke Zhou interprets his dream & nbsp; dreaming of heavy rain means that his career will encounter obstacles; & nbsp; businessmen dream of rain and business will lose money; & nbsp; patients dream of rain and will be bedridden; & nbsp; farmers dream of heavy rain, which is auspicious and will have a good harvest; & nbsp; women dream of violent storm and rain and will encounter difficulties at home; & nbsp; men separated from their wives and lovers dream of heavy rain and will be with them Long term separation; & nbsp; tourists dream of rain and the trip will come to a successful end; & nbsp; dream of storm: & nbsp; married women dream of storm, which means that they will win their own happiness, rich life, filial children and husband's career step by step after long-term hard work and unrepentant dedication; & nbsp; unmarried women dream of storm, which means overcoming all kinds of pressure , they decide their own marriage and eventually marry a rich husband. & nbsp; unmarried men dream of the storm, which means they pass many tests with their true feelings and get a good wife; & nbsp; businessmen dream of the storm, which means they can find a different way of marketing and achieve great success in the end; & nbsp; patients dream of the storm and their bodies will recover soon; & nbsp; tourists dream of the storm Rain, travel will be happy. & nbsp; dream of the storm, the dream of the storm, is a symbol of trouble. & nbsp; dream of the storm, shows that the dreamer is now in a more complex state of mind, the dreamer's thoughts are confused, he always wants to make a good adjustment, but he can't figure it out. The attack of the storm indicates that the dreamer's psychology is extremely contradictory and hesitant to do things at this time , you can't make the final decision. At this time, you might as well talk to a close friend and tell each other your troubles, which is a good way to solve the problem. Rain is an obstacle, and the storm is a combination of wind and rain. If the dream stroke blows the rain away, it means a hard and rare harvest. & nbsp; dream of spring drizzle: & nbsp; dream of spring drizzle, and the rain comes From "heaven" Therefore, it symbolizes the blessing and Enlightenment of the gods. In a woman's dream, it implies the realization of a wide range of possibilities, and all people should make good use of the rich benefits brought by the rain. & nbsp; dreaming of the spring rain indicates that many unexpected things will come to the dreamer at the same time. & nbsp; dreaming of the continuous spring rain, the dreamer will have an unexpected harvest; such as If you dream of walking in the rain with an umbrella, it means that luck is coming. & nbsp; if the dreamer runs hard in the rain, it means that his situation will make substantial progress. & nbsp; drizzle indicates that the dreamer will face temporary difficulties; if you dream of going out in the rain, it may indicate that the dreamer will get a few happy holidays. & nbsp; dream of sunny after rain: & nbsp; dream of sunny after rain , the dream of sunny after rain is a symbol of a happy ending. & nbsp; if you dream of sunny after rain, all unpleasant things that make the dreamer will be solved successfully. & nbsp; for a lovelorn person, dreaming of sunny after rain shows that his mood and mood are gradually getting better, slowly forgetting his troubles and worries and coming out of pain; & nbsp; a man dreams of sunny after rain, which means Work smoothly and difficulties are solved. & nbsp; women dream that it will be fine after rain, which means that the family is harmonious and the past grievances can be cleared with their husband. < / pre > < p > < br / > Article < / span >, please contact for reprint