Dreaming that I am a prostitute

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what do you mean dreaming that I am a prostitute ? Dreaming that I am a prostitute what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

dreamed that he was a prostitute, forecast because of his bad performance, you let the honest friends despise you.

young women dream about prostitutes, predicted she would cheat her beloved person, to believe in yourself is pure, honest. For the married woman, after the dream, she will begin to doubt her husband, so constantly arguing.

dream about prostitutes, suggesting that your weakness will be the laughing stock, relatives and friends will look down on you, see you as a stumbling block.

dream about prostitutes laughed at, the main harbor ulterior her own heart.

dreaming that I am to find prostitutes, main sexual life very depressed.

man dreamed of prostitutes, general primary life depressing need to relax.

dream about prostitutes, briefly main need help yourself.

girls dreaming that I am a prostitute, suggesting that you are very easily misled by men, and would rather suffer for love sacrifice in exchange for a little bit of happiness, it is suggested to get enlightenment.

dream about listening to a prostitute singing, will hear of the death of female family members.

analysis of above is my dreaming that I am a prostitute what mean , hope to help you.