What's the matter with thunder and lightning? What's the omen of thunder and lightning

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< strong > dream of lightning < / strong > What does it mean? Dream of lightning, okay? Dream of thunder and lightning has realistic influence and response, as well as the dreamer's subjective imagination. Please see the detailed explanation of dream of thunder and lightning compiled below for you.

If you dream of lightning, it represents the progress of feelings. The dreamer may feel that he is being bombarded by all kinds of things and feelings. This symbol can also represent suppressed anger.

If the dreamer encounters obstacles in a relationship, he can be relieved by being angry. If you fall into an angry dispute in your life, the & quot; thunderstorm & quot; in your dream can remove this & quot; atmosphere & quot;;.

On the spiritual level, the thunderstorm in the dream symbolizes creativity. Thunder and lightning are two props of storm God.

< strong > original Duke Zhou's dream interpretation < / strong >

Dream thunder lights up the body. The Lord's honor and favor come and get a salary. When a woman dreams, her husband is honored and her son is valued; when a maid dreams, her father and mother are prominent. "Mysterious interpretation of dream forest"

Dream lightning around the body. Pregnant women dream, the Lord gives birth to noble children; scholars dream, the Lord's salary is coming; maidservants dream, the Lord's parents are prominent. Dream breaking Secretary

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