Dream about the love triangle is what mean

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dream about love triangle is good, what's the meaning of ? Dream about love triangle have what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

a dream, a love triangle means you dissatisfaction with life, but unable to change.

dream lover love triangle, predicting and lovers' affection will be better.

dream about love triangle, suggesting that conflict with their families, but not to communicate with people.

dream about lovelorn, lovelorn dream is on the contrary, is that your lover relationship with now is very good, you love him (her).

dream about felt very sad, you don't have to worry about. Enjoy relationship now, cherish now of happiness.

dreamed about in a love triangle, although you to some people, some discontent, but you didn't show, but in the heart very be agitated. In this case, you can try to speak out their complaints, calm, maybe problem solved.

dream lover or husband was having an affair, now promises to be would you and lover because a small misunderstanding and quarrel, but the truth will soon, two people's feelings will be more than ever.

the above is my analysis of what is dream about love triangle , hope to help you.