Dream about red|Dreaming about red

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Red: red is expressive, powerful, energy, life, sexuality and power. If the red seen in the dream is not pure, it means that the characteristics it symbolizes are not very strong.

In dreams, red usually symbolizes wealth, passion, energy, and sometimes anger and danger.

Dream about red, that your heart is full of enthusiasm, work, study, love positive and optimistic. 

Men dream about red, which often indicates that you will have money, increase your income, or improve your status and status.

Women dream about red, which also implies that you will get a passionate pursuit, or a passionate love life.

If you feel a lot of red things around you in a dream, such a dream also reminds you to calm down, control your emotions and learn to "deal with cold".

Dream about many people wearing red clothes, indicating that the dreamer in the career will have unexpected success.