What's the meaning of the dream pain

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dream pain is good, what's the meaning of ? Dream what is the symptom of pain? The following analysis for everyone.

dream pain, general portend a turnaround.

dream eyes ache, hinted that it would get promoted, may be a head.

dream about collywobbles, beware, indicated that may encounter the evil new wife dream about collywobbles, hinted at pregnancy.

dream about knee pain, or leg pain, kidney pain, signal may to travel abroad, and bring you a new source of money, or the business extended to overseas, making a fortune.

dream about abdominal pain, is a representation of fortune imply that you will have unexpected earnings, or will succeed, and to get people praise.

dream about back pain, signal could be improved, the important position, responsibility and the pressure behind the front.

dream about body pain, predict will happen barrier between may and her family.

patients dream about the whole body pain that may enjoy medical treatment will be reduced.

dream about pain that will have happened, but is not necessarily a bad thing to you, may also make you benefit from it.

dream about specific parts of the pain, might as well go to a hospital be being checked, this could be a sign of disease.

dream about above is my analysis of the pain is good, have what meaning, want to help you.