Dream about skydiving is what mean

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dream about jump is good, what's the meaning of ? Dream about parachuting have what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

skydiving is a kind of extreme sports, adventure and romance. Many times in the dream, parachute is a kind of interpersonal relationship and the embodiment of the attitude to life.

dream about skydiving, will good luck.

dream about parachute, said he will live more extreme, not many friends, but some are bosom friends.

dreaming that I am in skydiving, and very smooth, indicates his life will be very happy.

dreaming that I am in skydiving, but run into trouble, says he will be cast aside by reliable man, can be injured.

dreaming that I am using the parachute follow one's inclinationsly, said he would in reality because the timid and lost a lot of opportunities.

if you dreamed of his parachute jump on a plane, that means your recent troubles will leave you, can you in the trouble things, but also say you are very bold, and individual character make public.

if you fear, woke up in the dreams of skydiving, it said m recently have something worried by fear, and a lot of pressure, I'm afraid to you worry to the point of couldn't sleep, you will be ejected the dream! Take it easy, the bow bridge natural straight, stay on even if not is hope.

if you dreamed that he will be able to control the parachute free in the air, that means you are very creative and mind in reality, often come up with a strange idea to solve the problem, your creativity adds a gold medal for your evaluation.

if you are dreaming that I am in the process of jump in trouble, that means you've threatened, if you are not able to properly solve, is likely to attract the mass annihilation.

the above is my analysis of dream about a parachute jump is good, what's the meaning of , hope to help you.