What's the meaning of dream for a long time not see friends

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& have spent Dream about for a long time not see friends, ok, what's the meaning? & have spent Dream about for a long time not see friends have what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

dreamed for a long time not see friends, indicate confused or depressed for a long time in the heart, will be able to alleviate, spirit will be free.

dreaming that I am walking on the road, accidentally bumped into an old friend of mine, that will get people to help.

dream about and friends quarrel, said recently thought a lot of pressure, you should pay attention to adjust myself.

dream and close friends to foes that you will suffer setbacks in terms of interpersonal relationships, may not allnet.cn.if you trust people speak ill of you behind your back, so hit.

dreamed friends died, and actually said he is very good, healthy body.

a dream to see his friend turned into animals and predict their friendship may be limited by other people play.

dream go to travel or visit with friends, indicate your recent life happiness, good luck.

dream about blame with friends, there will be a good luck.

dream about and friends together to eat and to drink, to remind you to pay attention to the money, don't want disorderly spend unnecessary money, so as to avoid embarrassment.

dream about working with friends, good interpersonal relationship. Don't have money, or need other people to help, there will be a good friend to help you through.

dream about absence from school with my friends, wandering, health problems will appear.

dreamed of a friend to play, love will rise.

dream about friends make you completely stranger, you try to remind, friends also seems to be no heard this, said a lack of confidence to oneself, you can also remind you don't have to spend too much effort to relate to others, even with its reputation at risk, too hard but can not get you want the friendship or relationship.

dreaming that I am making new friends, and predict the near future, you will have income and reputation.

the above is my analysis of dreamed for a long time not see friends is good, what's the meaning of , hope to help you.