Dream about drinking is what mean

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& have spent Dream about drinking is good, what is the meaning ? Dream about drinking what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

dream about wine, usually indicated to be rich.

dream about drinking is good, what's the meaning of ?

dream about drinking, mean there will be something worth celebrating, improve grades, work smoothly. But if the dream felt bitter or sour wine to drink, taste is very bad, can suggest that is likely to encounter the setback, evil, sad mood.

dream about wine cellar or many bottles of wine, rich life happiness.

dreamed that he and his friend together drink, said a happy life, there are a lot of friends, also may indicate recent someone in your family, friends and family to get married the in-laws.

dreamed someone drunk, be careful to lend money is hard to recover, being squandered.

dreaming that I am drinking alone, home may make antinomy, have you had to happen to drink.

dream about leisurely drink, while your mind is pure and fresh, the work can be very effective, or academic performance will improve, the exam.

if dreamed that he and the leaders or senior people together to drink, suggest you want to good luck, will be promoted and recognition, career, want to be famous.

unmarried men dream about drinking excitedly, suggest to get married soon.

dreaming that I am in try very hard to drink, either yourself, or with friends, usually expressed in life may be provoked, draw breath.

if in a dream to drink, drunk, then reveal the inner desire to escape from reality.

in addition, if the dream about drunk very afflictive, had a drink or feel some unconscious, this dream is indicated that the body has a problem, may be sick, want vigilant, carefully take care of your body.

patient dreamed of his drinking, can accentuate illness.

dreaming that I am to go to the party to drink, said the body health, life enrichment, prosperity.

dream together drink, celebrating reunion, such dreams may indicate there may be a loss.

the above is my analysis of dream about drinking is good, what's the meaning of , hope to help you.