Pregnant women dream about hail implication is good or bad? 163 0

pregnant women dreamed that he was the hail parts, means that children born will be troubled.

women dream about hail, means that over a period of meaning or after failure, she met a like a brother to care her, love her people;

dreamed that he was the hail parts, means that the misfortune;

businessman dream about hail, business is bound to suffer;

men dream about hail, said he would have a period of time is in a state of not equal to idea, but this time quickly in the past, good luck will befall his head;

the following is the dream about hail psychological explanation:

dream about hail, hail is the sky drops ice drop condensed water upon the ground. Shall be produced by ice this is winter, but mostly in the summer sky hail. Therefore, dreamed of hail means suffer unexpected blow.