Dream about black cat,What does it mean to dream about a black cat

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What does it mean to dream about a black cat

Dream about black cat biting, auspicious omen, work will be very smooth.

Dream about fighting black cat, will make enemies for a long time.

Dream about the black cat, suggesting that life or career will meet competitors.

Dream about the black cat in the tree, suggesting that life in trouble.

Dream about fighting a black cat, which means there are hostile people will plot against you.

Dream about black cat entering your home, saying that an accident happened to you, may be good or bad, but in the dream, you were not frightened by the black cat, which means that the black cat is to help you, but the Elves will not stay in a place.

Workers dream about black cats. In reality, they suggest that you should please your boss and try your best to show your advantages. In this way, your boss will help you. Otherwise, if you only do so, you will lose the job.

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