dream dreamed that he was dead is what mean

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duke of zhou interprets what is the meaning of daqo dream dreamed that he was dead:

death is a state of peace, stability, is a very auspicious sign.

if you dream you will die, do you know what reason is this? Dreaming that I am the dream about death, generally speaking, there are the following:

a. dreamed that he died of cancer death.

b. dreamed that he was dead by the gangster countered.

c. dreamed that he was dead.

d. dreamed that he was dead died in his sleep.

dreamed that his death should be a lot of people dream about experience. Often do this kind of dream, have abnormal panic and anxiety for death, this is the normal reaction of humans deal with death. Which one can not afraid dead? Although, though, were dead, dead method has one thousand kinds. Different die have different meaning, it is different for everyone. Don't be nervous when you dream about death, may be relatives died recently, or seen video or film about death, in the heart of death some reaction. Behind these responses vary from person to person, and in response, usually you can see your view on death.

[A] dream about people who die of cancer, cancer deaths may have witnessed friends and relatives, the deep impression in your subconscious mind, come down for A long time will affect you. And if you are not very confident on their health, suspicious of at ordinary times, also it is easy to appear this kind of dream. In theory, it's just you to panic response in cancer, should not imply that you have cancer. If you don't trust, can go to do inspection.

[B] a gunman countered to die is a very bad way to die. Dream about this type of person, is likely to be hidden in the subconscious an unknown guilt, perhaps you have done something a little bit too much, has been put aside in the heart to heart, so, the dream will have this kind of die. However, it is possible that you are insecure about life, plus your neurotic, it is easy to fantasy to the tragedy of social news.

[C] dreamt of suicide, is likely to be in the real world, the life pressure is very big, want to have any chance to suicide and courage, so the dream would be to reduce pressure to commit suicide. Another possibility is that you are very ideal in real life, no one relationship you, everywhere was desolate, so will dream suicide way to cause the attention of everyone, this is your wish. Another possibility is that you are in a state of love, at the moment your depression, feel life is meaningless, but want to escape from reality, but can't again, so we have to make the consciousness of repressed out in my dream. Fundamentally, in the dream about you, you will feel that suicide can make themselves get many benefits.

[D] dreamt that he died in his sleep, must be very afraid of death in the subconscious, subconsciously been afraid of death, so will dream about your this kind of comfortable way to die. Many do this dream for the elderly.

dreamed that he was dead the first explain

when a person feel & other; Have ceased to live & throughout; , feel like & other; The walking dead & throughout; , feel your heart is dead, feel no longer growing up, he would have dreamed of.

dreamed that he was dead the second explanation

dream about death, may be used to represent home. This is the so-called: & other Death & throughout; . Death is our home, we are from the yuan community life, death is back there. Therefore, death is to go home, li bai said: & other; The living for the passenger, the dead for the returning. Throughout the &; Others point out that, & other; Ghost, to also & throughout; , ghost is returning, is a return to each one of us eternal home, peaceful home in;

dreamed that he was dead the third explain

dreamed of his dead indicate that you will start a new life, or will change in your life, start a new phase of life.

dreamed that he was dead the fourth explanation

said dreamed that he was dead, your property will be more and more is a good luck of good omen.

actually dream inside is not very calm, seems to be back in 3, feeling is to see their own bed, but is not familiar with pillow and quilt feeling. Only vaguely remember as if to say that is my things, but I was already dead. The feeling of all still so lonely cluelessness.