Dream about an injection is what symptom

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dream about a shot is what symptom, injection is what meaning, dream here and see it together.

dream about an injection that your physical health is not very good recently, the disease will, I suggest you to pay more attention to their own physical condition, pay more attention to maintenance and rest.

dream about oneself give oneself an injection, indicates you are likely to get sick recently, mainly because of fear in the heart, you think you got what disease, the body is bad, suggest you to flat state of mind, the more afraid of, the more likely to get sick.

dreamed that he give others a shot, indicates the problems, some aspect of your competitors may be the body appeared some conditions.

dream about others injections, indicates you worried to others, perhaps because the other party what trouble it is difficult to solve.

women dream about injection for husband, heralding the you are trying to win the favor of the husband.

Dream about an injection is what symptom

a man dreamed of injection for wife, indicates you mistrust of your wife is very, very worried about her back to cheat.

children dream about a shot that you may be forced injections, in real life dream afraid the reduction of consciousness.

the patient dreamed of an injection that can accentuate your illness or can't afford a long illness.

prisoners dream about injection, indicates your sentence will be delay, it is not good.

dream about injection on the arm, indicates you may slump recently, was demoted or get into trouble.

dream about an injection bleeding, indicates blood damaged without reason, you may recently want to do things or are being planned things will fail.

unmarried woman dreamed to inject themselves, others will marry rich men.

unmarried men dream about others to inject themselves, that means will marry to a tender and thoughtful wife.

dream clearly needles into muscle, may indicate sex.

dream about an injection vaccinations, suggesting that too much concern for others in your heart has a backlash.

dream about injection anesthetic injection, says you want to attack their emotions.

women dream about vaccinating husband, means that she will try to get her husband's love.

dreaming that I am an injection, means that will get sick, the cause lies in the lack of confidence about his health, afraid of pain, the more afraid to lose health.

that is about the dream about a shot is what symptom, hope to help everyone.