Dream about hearing lost hearing represent

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dreamed that hearing loss, loss of hearing is what mean? Predict what will happen in life? Dream about hearing loss, loss of hearing and represents what? Please see below content analysis.

ear in the dream, with news, opportunities, such as right and wrong judgment, listening closely related. Auditory symbol especially the openness of the dreamer, ability to accept, or to others, listen to your inner voice.

dreaming that I can't hear you voice, sometimes implies that will succeed, or get a huge wealth. On the other hand, according to traditional Chinese dream, dreamed of his deafness, and pay attention to the healthy lung cancer, the dream may be said lung function decline.

dreaming that I am trying to communicate with the deaf, say your plan, or development path will be after a period of frustration.

what dreamed that he come to a sound environment, should be vigilant, may indicate the hearing or ears might be a problem.

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dream about others deaf, suggesting that your problem will be solved smoothly.

dream about hearing lost hearing what

[psychological explanation]

dream about hearing loss, lost hearing ears. The function of the ear is to listen to, so that it represents the message, the function of filtering, ears and on behalf of the people's openness, accept ability and willingness to listen to your heart, or heart. So deaf in my dream, is the symbol of couldn't get harvest, also comes from the outside world news, make oneself and external communication, the symbol of their own interests to reduce.

that's what about dream about hearing loss, loss of hearing on behalf of all, I hope it can help you.