Dream dream about teeth off what meaning be?

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Dream to dream lost teeth,

this is going on?

dream about teeth off dream, dream about their own teeth from falling out, will have quarrels with people. Also has a bad ring in leisure activities. Clear, there is ShuiNan. Boating, surfing, swimming, fishing, aquatic amusement, should be banned. To be very careful when making other amusement is

dream about teeth lost the meaning of two, as the case of dream about tooth hinted that lost relatives and friends, is not to die. Your tooth is loose, indicate that you have a bunch of friends in certain situations, you first distant relationship with them, finally completely lose their & have spent

the past folk have a saying, tooth indicated dying old man (or family), it is a superstition. But sometimes does successively appeared tooth and the old man died, why? Because when people faint feel old man may die, the subconscious does tooth this way to tell you. Because the tooth is the bone tissue Lou in the outside, tooth means & other; Of the same flesh and blood separation & throughout; .

dream about lost teeth is & other; Aging sad & throughout; Or & other Abandon the old change new & throughout; Psychological reflection. Boy dreamed of the tooth drop may be fear of his father.

dream about lost teeth also said & other; Lost face & throughout; Or & other; Do not speak careful & throughout; Such as psychological reflect the significance of

tooth can also said two opposite feelings, one is the tragedy of aging, because the person is old will be loss of teeth. 2 it is the joy of growth, because the child off teeth change new teeth when you grow up. Regardless of the dreamer age, as long as he self-induction aging, or feel old, before he could do a tooth's dream. Also, as long as he feel in growth, in the abandoned old new, he may do after the dream about a tooth.

if you dreamed that the teeth off, this is a very good, suggested that heralds your life there will be a big break came. Why this dream means change? Actually very simple, the tooth drop represents a person's baby teeth from falling out, in real life is in the form of transition from childhood to adult age. So, this dream transmitting the information of growth and maturity, also means that you are going to take more responsibility.