What is the meaning of dream about abortion duke of zhou interprets

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dream about abortion is what mean? dream about abortion is what symptom? Under the duke of zhou interprets the following analysis for everyone.

dream about abortion, will have bad luck, to be on the side of caution, can survive.

Dream to dream abortion,

indicates the recent luck you don't feel strong, slowly falling, may be to some big trouble, remember more careful demeanor, remember everything carefully, will be able to reduce the occurrence of bad luck.

Dream to dream oneself abortion,

indicates the recent your memory and mental concentration, forget some important things, about the customer forget the appointment signed data, forgotten, is can bring bad effect to your work.

dream the abortion, pregnancy indicated recently is likely to make mistakes because of carelessness, be careful to do things carefully, to avoid bad luck.

job seekers dream about pregnant abortion, indicates the recent poor luck, but to cover up against the wall that the ability to reflect on their own strength, because both are inevitable relationship, for you, this is a period of reflection and adjustment.

students dream about pregnant abortion, signal will be successful in our studies, not only can smoothly passed with grades in the exams, also can find suits own efficient learning methods, quickly accumulated a large amount of knowledge.

dreaming that I am required to abortion, warning you, something you are going to do, if really successful, not only happy, also can bring bad reputation, will lose many friends.

women dream about must go to abortion, it is suggested that what she considered to be one thing if it's done, could bring her bad reputation and unpleasant.

the doctor dreamed for pregnant women abortion surgery, suggests that due to the negligence of medical work, will be in trouble.

dream to dream abortion of pregnant women, heralding the recent pressure during pregnancy, you remember more outside for a walk, chat with people, disperse their mental pressure, help yourself and healthy baby.

Dream to dream friend abortion,

indicates your friend worries a lot recently, how to communicate with friends, listen to the friend's mood, it would be better to consolidate your feelings, from which can be benefit, thus meet the demand of their ownership.

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