What's the matter with Mei Yu? What's the omen of Mei Yu

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< strong > What does it mean to dream of plum rain? Dream of plum rain, okay? Dreaming of Mei Yu has realistic influence and reaction, as well as the dreamer's subjective imagination. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming of Mei Yu compiled for you below.

Mei Yu, although a natural phenomenon, is often regarded as a symbol of bad luck.

Dreaming of plum rain also means that the dreamer's wealth will be reduced.

The merchant dreamed that there was a plum rain just after he went out, and his clothes were wet in an instant, which indicated that the merchant's business would suffer a great loss.

Dreaming of continuous plum rain usually means that the dreamer's financial fortunes decline, and it is likely that he will be unable to make ends meet without paying attention, and the expenditure will be far greater than the income. Therefore, as long as the plum rain continues, the dreamer must pay attention to his behavior, be cautious and thrifty.

< strong > psychological dream interpretation < / strong >

Dream explanation: Meiyu symbolizes the decline of wealth. Continuous plum rain will hinder people's work. Therefore, dream of continuous plum rain, financial luck will decline, and expenditure will far exceed income. At this time, the budget should be well prepared.

Psychological analysis: dream of continuous plum rain, wealth will decline.

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