Dream about detention is what mean

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dreamed what meaning is detained ? Dream about detention is what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

dream about detention, good omen, the enterprise develops well will be your fook.

dreamed that he was detained, the desire to want to do something very strong! Even if it is in other people seems to be some boring, but you quite seriously to complete! There will be a straight like you this & other; How & throughout; Oh! You are so blessed! At the same time, today you are prone to the condition of the dictatorship, swept to power themselves. This practice will make you tired, share tasks with others appropriately, can easily some.

dream about detention, increase interest in housing and other real estate investment, purchase of property will be fish investment choice! The opinions of the family will also play an important role. There are fishes of the family industry, tend to result in new opportunities for career development!

dream about detention, it shows that you need to rethink your negative behavior and bad behavior. Learn from the mistakes of the past.

dream about detention, originally just play relationship, today will become true! You have sense of responsibility at work, you are desperately looking for his lovely place, can try to convince yourself! The more economic strength of the opposite sex, the more easily lead to you in this kind of love. Tell if true love, however, need to listen to inner voice!

dream about detention mean:

from party a day! Today, how do you not see in the party a particularly helpful to you, so probably won't participate in the occasion of this kind of waste of time and money. A part-time job, fight short-term workers, it is the more enthusiastic today, although into account may not be many, but you pay attention to, that see their little coffers swell a little feeling again!

dream about the good or ill luck of detention:

solid basis of health, situation of enron, diligent wisdom splendour and gain honor and fame and fortune, get great success, the great development of trillion, but if the conduct is not, do not keep the path, will fall in the punishment of jail, if more uneven dissatisfaction with the feud with people, wu diaspora or harmful to health, without fierce number and no harm. 【 in 】

avoid dreamed of detention appropriate:

[should] : appropriate year-end summary, appropriate pu 'er, appropriate drying character, appropriate walking about, appropriate is multi-purpose his left hand, appropriate to eat soy products;

[taboo] : avoid playing Musical Instruments, avoid high heels, avoid is PS, avoid is swearing in the meeting, avoid is gang-raped decorate neighbors, avoid bottom.

the above is my analysis of dreamed what meaning is detained , hope to help you.