Dreaming that I am killing people is what mean

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dream about killing people is what mean ? Dreaming that I am killing people is what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

dream about murder, signal on your feelings and life pressure is bigger, make you very pain, but find their own way to solve.

dreamed that he killed their loved ones, indicates you will soon inherit a fortune, the family also will be more strong, life will be very happy, is a good omen.

dreamed that he killed the friend, heralding the recent fortunes rise, your friend in you encounter difficulties will get the help of friends, is auspicious.

dreamed that he killed an enemy, heralding the recent enemy force will be strong, they will be within the control of the enemy.

dreamed that he killed my parents, indicates your inner psychology of parents have guilt, make you very remorse.

dreaming that I see the blood, to kill indicates recent chart is very good, you will leave money, to grasp it well.

dreaming that I am not to kill blood, heralding the recent bad luck, you will be being used or framed, suggest you all to be careful and give special attention to the little people around you.

dreamed that he killed many strangers, lotus flower, heralding the you will be very rich, good luck will always accompany you, is a good omen.

dreamed that he killed the authoritative figure, indicates your inner desire to cast off the yoke of the elders or leadership for you.

dream about murder, the other party is dead, in the recent your mood easily, suggest you to properly adjust good mood, slow down the pace of life, to find the right way to the inner emotional vent pressure.

dream about murder, but not sure if the other party is dead, heralding the painful issues encountered by you in the near future has not yet been solved, I suggest you to summon up courage, to take positive measures to cope with, but the final result is unknown.

the above is my analysis of what meaning is dreaming that I am killing , hope to help you.