What does it mean to be dreamed that his money was stolen

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what is meant by the dream about money was stolen? what symptom is dreamed that his money was stolen? The following analysis for everyone.

money is a symbol of wealth. Dream about money, the duke of zhou interprets, said you might need money badly recently, or have friends who will be with you to borrow money.

dream about losing money, said it would lose the source of the economy.

dream about getting money, said to be the business is thriving, suitable for business.

dream about money stolen means, don't turn a blind eye to others suffering. This two days of storm happens often in life is from the first side caused by the change of people. Suggest you it's time to lend a helping hand, don't worry too much, trouble might turn to your head! In addition, the lovers of your proposed still more to the point of views, might as well to the lover talk to what goes wrong!

dream about money was stolen, to play the mood is particularly high, will enjoy the atmosphere of joy, especially this two days work is easy to meet an emergency to deal with these pressures will need to rely on leisure activities help, let gray mood into color for these recreational activities. Shopping or to meet new friends. Than work or report more can lead to a happy mood.

dream about money in my purse was stolen, will be affected by the involvement of others, will have to be vigilant.

dream about my money was stolen, want to use your judgment, can see pour good stock on investment, the recent social luck is good, can make many friends can bring you opportunities to make money

dream about stolen money, good omen, the money will automatically seek.

dream about wallet was robbed, good omen, will make a fortune.

dream about the good or ill luck of money was stolen:

is an elder care for the promotion of (or supervisor), or ancestors Yu De, and must be successful development, but is based on (the next) wood on earth in the phase of g and contain collapse skid, so the situation more fierce change, money is easy, success or failure frequency, identity are as expensive, the base. "More than bad"

avoid dreamed of money stolen appropriate:

"should be" well line, appropriate cooking, appropriate talks.

"jealous" avoid climbing, avoid negotiations, don't look at the moon.

the above is my analysis of what is the meaning of dream about money was stolen , hope to help you.