What is the meaning of dream broken leg

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dream broken leg what's the meaning of ? Dream about what symptom is leg was broken? The following analysis for everyone.

dream broken leg means, this two days seem to be indoors than when luck out in time. If indoor activity is able to calmly play a great opportunity. On the contrary, if it is outside, that have to be careful everywhere, exaggerated or emotional impulsive behavior occurs more easily. Environment will affect mood and the ability to play, to choose the right location performance is different.

dream about right leg was broken back, generally broken leg refers to meet difficult, back then you will pull through smoothly!

dream about armchairs a leg is broken, suggest that will be demoted, or being transferred to the jobs you don't like it.

dream about broken leg, good temper of you, today also some resistance could stand. Hope can share sorrows for you lover, but hard to get. See like, but you can't laid hands on him. A lot of things on hand, looking for a discussion.

dream broken leg: can buy cheap things. Maybe chatting with shop boss, can buy things at half price the following, or in cheap stalls to buy expensive things.

single people dream about leg was broken, the love: problems will have, but to initiative to solve, good luck will come.

staff dream broken leg main aspects: money earn after compensating first.

dream about leg burns, scalds representative too close relationship, that is to say, your foundation will produce change, due to people close to change your judgment and choice of things. Whatever the outcome, this means that deviated from the true oneself, mean big losses.

dream about leg swollen, is a kind of foundation is weak, said the people in the face of his inability to cope with difficulties, often left to the right, in debt.

dream about legs disabled, suggests that the dreamer will do progress is not smooth, in fact, the main reason is fundamentally not ready, like towers, foundations are not strong, building how to cover up.

dream about arms and legs were injured, only long wound, and without the shedding of blood, cut is not very serious, probably you will meet some difficulties recently, but will soon be able to go smoothly through, you can learn from it, after serious thinking, will obtain further growth.

dream about the good or ill luck of broken leg:

circumstances, aetna, physically and mentally healthy, hope to achieve, can escape disaster and avoid evil, stability and success, and good for development, smooth # 3 is a perfect match only. 【 business prosperous 】

avoid dreamed of broken leg appropriate:

[should] : appropriate praise others husband, appropriate liquor, appropriate reading email, appropriate by plane, appropriate treatment, appropriate gift chocolate;

[taboo] : avoid is blessing of attacking a romantic rival, avoid is wrong character, avoid is to personnel means he has committed, avoid is whether tell, avoid is to split the motherland, avoid save a meal.

the above is my analysis of dream broken leg what's the meaning of , hope to help you.