Dream about fall is what mean

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what is the meaning of dream about fall ? Dream about fall is what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

dream about cliffs, serious a threat of life and property.

dream about standing on the edge of a cliff, disaster will happen in yourself and your family.

if dreamt that he was pushed violently down and signal in the near future in life, there will be an enemy or rival in the dark to plot against his need to pay more attention.

dream about falling from the cliff, business will fail.

married woman dreamed that he fell from the cliff, will be looked down upon her husband.

young men and women dream about falling from the cliff, is the writing on the wall, alter ego would fail.

businessman dream about falling from the cliff, the business will suddenly hit.

patient dreamed of falling from the cliff, in a tough position.

the old man dreamed that fell from the cliff, children will roy-henry points yet.

staff dreamt that fall under the cliff, there will be a risk of being fired, or get fired.

dream about strangers fell from the cliff, to overcome their enemies, but will be parted ways with his supporters.

dream wife fell down from the cliff and his wife will be more considerate.

dreamed someone down from the cliff and myself will trap, could be killed.

dream about standing on high cliffs, heralding the unfortunate and catastrophic events.

the above is my analysis of dream about fall is what meaning, want to help you.