Dream about what do you mean by others

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what do you mean by others play ? By others is what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

dreamed of by others, mostly represent the dreamer's pressure or self expectation is too big, and can't face the reality of the present situation of the real, this is to remind the dreamer dreams to release their bad mood, with a positive attitude to face the life and the life.

dreamed of by others, oneself against them and back, represents the could you use a positive attitude to face the difficulty and pressure, will overcome them.

dreaming that being hit, I desperately fled, suggests that you may give in to the difficulties and pressure, it is not a manifestation of self-confidence.

dreamed that other people want to beat me, on behalf of his recent words and deeds have attracted some dissatisfaction with the subconscious through dream sends a signal to you, to pay attention to interpersonal relationship around me, proceed with caution.

dream about the others play, this dream suggests that the current difficulties will bring you a big, be prepared.

dream about being stoned, more fierce, successful delivery, hope to fame and wealth can be reached, based carrier, because the cause of distress or misfortune in the family, and the physical and mental exhaustion, can lead to illness, their subordinates for more jealous of those who use this will suffer because of subordinates.

in my dream & other; Dreamed about being beaten, can strike back & throughout; Expressed strong dissatisfaction in your heart, and this kind of attitude in life may have been repressed and never disclosed to others.

in the dream, if I can with others & other; Loud quarrel & throughout; Or & other; Direct fights & throughout; Instead, performance and to be honest to others and not suppress in the heart. Can prove your heart knot already began to unravel slowly, you start to find a more appropriate way to solve the problem, although they & other; Mock sarcasm you & throughout; But you have begun to deal with, is the change of the mentality, often positive attitude is worth encouraging.

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dream about being chased by others, this is the symbol of restlessness, impeded. Usually suggests that the dreamer out some problems on interpersonal relationship, is it because they usually, didn't pay attention to some details, such as tone of voice, with people, or people skills, because ill-advised lead to affect the emotions of others, making others for their discontent.

and vaguely myself can feel this kind of condition, so in a dream, is likely to dream about being chased, is some behavior may cause others to feel dissatisfied with a mental map.

the above is my analysis of what do you mean by others play , hope to help you.