Dream about water is what mean

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dream about water is good, what's the meaning of ? Dream about fetching water and what is the symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

water on behalf of money.

dream about fetching water, can make a fortune, but also reflects the reality of your pent-up desire in life.

dream about carry water, travel will win, the destination after making a fortune.

dream about minors carry water, the main health concerns focus to the reproductive system, hidden parts of the body to pay more attention to health care. A cold infectious diseases, such as easy to hit, to try to avoid crowded places.

workers dream about buckets of water, on the job full of passion, to fully demonstrate ability, embody the idea of personal value makes you strive to surge ahead. But there is also a selfish tendencies.

students dreamed that carry water, study hard and appear restless, because their usual will rest with schoolwork as the weight, you will be less unfettered, although they do not have very high expectations or ambitious plan, but often in the exam is wasted effort and cause bad mood, for family expects of you, even to detonate the situation of conflict. Sometimes you'll want to escape from such stress as soon as possible, often because of the reality and do some inappropriate behavior, and behavior.

merchant dreaming that I am in the water, heralding the oneself will make a fortune, but it is more and more lonely.

incumbents dreaming that I am in the water, said he will be working pressure of breath.

dream about water home, adumbrative recently you have a good communication ability, can be active and people ask around too academic and work experience, more to listen to your elders give your sincere advice, will make you benefit a lot.

dreamed himself fetching water and go home, and later found that the leaky bucket, heralding the recent you friend fight the friendship with you, will you ask for too much, suggest you don't care about face, euphemism refused to also won't force yourself.

dreamed to novices, herald a fool, you will be a friend recently but you don't it too much to heart, after the jokes don't affect each other's feelings.

the above is my analysis of dream about water is good, what's the meaning of , hope to help you.