Dreamed that he killed the man mean

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what it means to dreamed that he killed a man ? Dreamed that he killed a man have what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

dream about murder, will certainly have a chance before, often represent your potential defects, make you very want to quickly and desperate settlement of one thing and do it at the same time also will bring adverse consequences, so it is a dream, is to remind you pay attention to improve our deficiencies in reality, such as temper, tolerance, and so on. This means that their method in solving conflict is not correct, can the conflict deepened instead. This kind of hatred with hatred, to stop, like the add fuel to the fire, will only make the fire bigger and bigger, a growing hatred.

dreamed that he killed a man, said your emotion and life pressure, make you very pain problems, couldn't find a way to solve. If you killed a man in a dream, but not sure if the other party is dead, suggesting that let you pain, may be pending, you may take measures, but I don't know exactly the result. Dream dreamed you kill, also remind you in the near future to adjust mood, slowing down, relax, and best to find the right way to ease the pressure in their heart emotion vent.

dreamed that he killed an enemy, enemy forces to strengthen, as far away as enemy within the scope of control.

dreamed that he killed their loved ones, will inherit the fortune, and the family will be more strong and happy.

has been jailed prisoners dream about murder, is auspicious, will soon be released, to be free.

dreamed that he killed a lot of strangers, and lotus flower, the dreamer will either rich or expensive, good luck with his life.

dreamed killed an authority figure, or elders, leaders, indicates in your heart has a desire to get rid of the shackles.

dreamed that he killed their parents, suggesting that the parents have a guilty mind.

dream not to kill blood, blood means that will make a fortune, then dream about murderous blood, it will have good luck, if only not to kill blood will be against him.

businessman dream about murderous blood, can make a lot of money in business.

original duke of zhou interprets

the dream who wielded, Lord have to gain. The broken dream secretary

dream about murder, there will be a thing of the best, wine meat. "Dunhuang dream book"

dream about murder. Dream about others killers, main someone gave to,; See others killed, advocate for money also. "The dream Lin Xuan solution"

dream about garment of bloody murder, fishing and hunting. "Dunhuang dream book"

dream about kill others, geely. "Dunhuang dream book"

dream about murder on city, business. "Dunhuang dream book"

the above is my analysis of dream kill himself what it means to , hope to help you.