Dreamed that he was doing surgery is what mean

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dreamed that she is to operation what is the meaning of ? Dreamed that he is what is the moral operation? Under analysis for everybody here.

dreamed that he was doing surgery, good omen, all the sorrow and unhappiness will disappear.

dreaming that I am in surgery, patient was improved, the body will be restored to health.

a man dreamed that do surgery, personal character is bad, people hate to oneself of the bones.

women dream about surgery, get sick recently, suggest that early went to the hospital to check.

dream let relatives to do surgery, would have a disagreement with relatives.

dream about surgery operation, bad luck, for their own claims too, feel very easy to prop up with others.

salaryman dream about surgery operation, the outlook have unrealistic ideas, inhibit kept encouraging, everything maybe will struggle to a lot of opportunities.

single men and women dream about surgery operation, some good, maybe can know many new friends, party of them will have their own favorite objects.

to find workers dream about surgery operation, luck general to apply for a job, get useful advice, affected by the holiday, a substantial less likely.

minors' dream about surgery operation, poor physical condition, mostly related to gastrointestinal discomfort, women remember more attention to the health of the uterus.

dream about caesarean operation, bad luck, carelessly in a fight, don't know how to get out.

traveler dream about caesarean operation, bad luck, not suitable for go out these days, because of the presence of the heavy storm, suggest or delay a few days.

who dream about a cesarean section, bad luck, some differences due to the company's internal appeared, it difficult to solve, hope someone to help you solve.

the lover dream about caesarean operation, good luck, between the two parties have some problems need to solve, believe the feeling will be better after.

workers dream about caesarean operation, good luck, in the work performance is very good, lead to entrusts with an important task to myself.

the above is my analysis of dream about what they are doing surgery mean , hope to help you.