Dreamed that he was imprisoned what meaning be

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dreamed that he was imprisoned what's the meaning of ? Dreamed that he was imprisoned is what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

in captivity is a symbol of freedom. In the dream, was imprisoned reflected his frustrated and depressed mood.

dream about captive means, seeking common ground while putting aside differences will be found that the heavens! Many, many different, does not prevent you to become friends. This two days you have a chance to come into contact with quite a character, don't like ordinary people hold stubborn thinking to see somebody else. At the same time, the idea of practical utility tend to let you have tied their own hands, rather than increase the unnecessary trouble, this two days you'd better hold a little optimistic even naive courage!

dreamed that he was imprisoned, says he will be a happy life.

dreamed that he was imprisoned after the escape, heralding the oneself life will meet a very difficult task.

dreaming that I am the younger generation in captivity, said their children will be healthy.

dream about family in captivity, indicates the relationship is very harmonious family.

dreamed that he was friends held, indicates his will and appears a little contradiction between relatives and friends, but will soon be solved and more intimate.

dreamed that his girlfriend was imprisoned, heralding the oneself will be for parents and more rich.

merchant dreamed that his girlfriend was kidnapped, indicates his career will meet with difficulties, if it is engaged in public welfare undertakings will not obstruct.

dreamed that he was captured, and indicates their will be squeezed, there will be progress on business, but at the same time will feel very uncomfortable.

dreamed that he was imprisoned for good or ill luck:

situation stable, smooth, happiness can rule out difficult, wide person to help, and get the great success of fame and fortune, comfortable, but because of the success is not ideal, is up to produce obstacles, can only maintain the original old status quo of achievement. 【 in 】

avoid dreamed that he was imprisoned in the appropriate:

book ticket "should be" well, wear plaid shirt, appropriate almanac.

"jealous" don't apologize, avoid taking pains to avoid is writing a poem.

the above is my analysis of dreamed that he was imprisoned what's the meaning of , hope to help you.