Dream about close relatives have cancer dreamed that he has cancer

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dream dream about cancer, dreaming that I have cancer or your family and friends, this portend?

dreaming that I have cancer, his body will be healthy and strong.

dream about cancer in family, relatives will be healthy body.

dream about friends have cancer, heralding the friends will be very healthy body.

patient dreamed about cancer, the body will soon recover.

dream about cancer means, this two days you, like a skillful craftsman, aspects of sewing, production manual live quite flexible! If you can, of course, don't put this skill in a patchwork of housework, just advise, as to the ceramic art hall, DIY bracelet house these places to practice skills, maybe you also can get a new job!

dream about cancer, easily because of carelessness scolded one day, the tension between relatives and not very well! Wake up in the past two days, the first thing is to think of it & ndash; & ndash; Whether promised to ssi, town must do something in the past two days, because these two days but it is easy to fall in love you petty glamour, scold by relatives and friends do hoes before bros! Mother is the most need you to keep these two days, do you want to buy a bunch of beautiful flowers on my way home to her?

dream about cancer, good omen, the body will be healthy and strong.

cancer in patients dream, the body will soon recover.

dream about cancer, suggest a long and often remind you to pay more attention to body health, life rule.

dream about cancer, don't be nervous, you are not really terminally ill, you could be in the life is lonely, introverted personality and conservative, from family, friends and classmates attention and concern, so the subconscious mind will make this dream to meet your wishes. Obviously, your wish is everyone can pay attention to you, care about you, and suffering from a terminal illness is the most sympathetic situation, so you will have this dream. Some people say that this dream may be a cancer warning, in theory, little dream so directly to tell you a message, is unlikely.

dreaming that I have cancer, his body will be healthy and strong.

the above is about the dreaming that I have cancer, dreamed of relatives have cancer introduction, hope to help you!