What is the meaning of dreaming that I am pregnant

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what is the meaning of dreaming that I am pregnant ? What symptom is dreaming that I am pregnant? The following analysis for everyone.

dream about her pregnancy, indicates you have a happy life, and it can live carefree.

dreamed that she was pregnant, it is a kind of sexual desire, is also a kind of demand, the heart also want to have the thought of marriage. On the other hand it is also possible that you afraid of her pregnancy, so would think more night dream.

women dream about pregnancy , heralding the happiness and the increase of material wealth.

dreaming that I am pregnant, you will be facing the status of the account to others today! What you do for a lot of people care about! How a process, result how, you also want to say to them! At the same time, your work/studies some lax attitude, dismissed the idea is to stir up gradually. Romance, affairs index rose, is likely to be unfamiliar to attract the opposite sex, or a foreign affair.

dreamed of dreaming that I am pregnant, interpersonal rise. You associate with anyone can bold and aggressive, the people around you must also be honest to you, never conflict

learner dreaming that I am pregnant, gave birth to the child academic record: teach and learn,. At ordinary times should discuss with classmates, ready to ask classmates, if students have a question to ask you, you should be clear that you know as much as possible, so particularly helpful to both sides.

singles dreaming that I am pregnant, children indicates: in terms of love idea is exquisite, can realize the lover's need.

investors dreamed of dreaming that I am pregnant, and that your finances: wealth is good, try very hard to make money the idea of you made a profitable, thrifty consciousness also in return. Be careful investment bewitch.

those who love dreaming that I am pregnant, under one roof, don't listen to one-sided words can be satisfactory.

dreaming that I am pregnant belly, husband and wife life harmony and happiness.

the good or ill luck of dreaming that I am pregnant:

success stretch, accessibility and upward developed, basic situation also aetna, everything goes well, the flourish and etc.counties, lifelong happiness, prosperity, health of body and mind, keeping a long life of happiness. 【 business prosperous 】

avoid dreamt that she was pregnant appropriate:

"should be" well listen to the crosstalk, appropriate explanation misunderstanding, should repent.

"jealous" avoid is to see the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, avoid is decided, avoid is sit-ups.

the above is my analysis of what is the meaning of dreaming that I am pregnant , hope to help you.