The duke of zhou interprets pregnant women dream about the coffin 168 0

women dream about coffin , dream, is to spy on the inner side hidden mirror; Is another kind of illusory but real life experience. As chuang tzu's dream, we are often surprised by the fanciful dreams, and confused. The women dream about the coffin mean? women dream about coffin hints at what? To see the duke of zhou interprets crack below:

pregnant women dream about the coffin, herald a child will be born healthy smoothly, new life will coming soon.

pregnant women dream about empty coffin, opportunity is not mature, need to work and look forward to.

pregnant women dream about holding the coffin, dreaming that I am holding the coffin, and the club signs, there will be a lot of money in the future. Pregnant women dreaming that I am holding the coffin, adumbrative mother and son peace, fetal health.

pregnant women dream about the dead out of the coffin, is good omen, recently may have friends visiting.

themselves be a sign of recognition, is a good omen. Pregnant women dream about the child's body in the coffin, is detailed, generally the baby will be healthy.

businessman dream about moving tomb, the club, that money will come. Pregnant women dream about coffin has been out of the grave, will have a big kid.

women dream about new coffins, happy happy families. Men dreamed of new coffins, hit with peach blossom, I'm afraid. Pregnant women dream about new coffins, is a sign of pregnancy have to the child.

dream open coffin to the dead, is inauspicious, dreamer has happened to more recent.

dream about the private into the coffin, good omen, recently there will be a windfall.

businessman dream about coffin floating on the water, is a sign of making a fortune.

dreamed of his funeral to mourn or memorial to the dead, said he would be pregnant people will have children or relatives. Pregnant women dream about love yourself for the funeral, the fetus will be born soon.

in fact, the dream itself is a physiological phenomenon, no need too nervous. More than introduce you to the women dream about coffin of warning, hope can answer for you.