Dream about the chest was a sword is what mean

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dream about chest is a sword to be what mean ? What symptom is dreamed that his chest was a sword? The following analysis for everyone.

dream by knife wounds of dreams, the dreamer in the near future should have hurt feelings or intrusion

knife may indicate others bitter words and deeds

run into his chest, said touches the heart

dream about chest was stabbed, signal will face difficulties.

businessman dream about chest was stabbed, be careful, be cautious words and deeds.

dreamed that he put his hand on the chest, said an enemy will come, life is in danger.

workers dream about chest was stabbed, said may be subjected to other people, don't be too impulsive.

the patient dreamed that the chest was stabbed, indicates you have been in the er, while no much better now, but slowly good.

dream about chest was stabbed without bloodshed, means that the risk of some hidden in the dark, at any time are likely to cause harm to you, but you haven't found at present.

prisoners dream about chest pain, says he will get another.

dreamed that his chest was down, indicated that the dreamer will loss due to theft, and will be subject to unreasonable abuse and others.

dream about chest is pressed, or very pain, remind you must pay attention to the body, this may mean you heart is bad, if there is any abnormal to go to a hospital checking in time.

dream about chest pressed, indicate the dreamer may encounter steal, or be deceived, cheated, or being snubbed, abuse, the heart be wronged.

dream was stabbed to the heart of good or ill luck:

basic luck beautiful and successful shipped substandard, although no great development, but also stable and secure food and clothing, but successfully developed the oppressed so that couldn't be done, so a good grumble, fortunately DeLiang is good, if they cannot forgive, but not into disaster eritrea. "More than bad"

avoid dreamed of was stabbed to the heart of appropriate:

should be: well beaten guidance director, appropriate is brother and sister, appropriate shaving, appropriate new shoes, appropriate car shock, appropriate birthday;

don't: avoid to solve emotional confusion, avoid is digging a ditch on the road, avoid is bask in, avoid the points, avoid to eat vegetables, avoid restaurant equipotential.

the analysis of the above is my dream see my chest was a sword what's the meaning of , hope to help you.