What is the meaning of dream about be bug bit

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dream what do you mean by insect bite ? What symptom is dreamed by insect bite? The following analysis for everyone.

dreamed you stabbed by an insect, bites, the dream is suggested that you may be do against conscience, your conscience is harsh, very nervous, very afraid of when to blame, also very afraid of suffer retribution, so lead to upsetting dreams would do this.

dream by insect bite, said you could not secret, will let out the secret of the people tell you. A slander may also remind you to prevent a mean person.

dream by insect bite, you recently may not secret, will let out the secret of the people tell you, I suggest you to pay more attention to, avoid being SIMS libel.

dream about bite by a dog, signal will be attacked by the enemy, or serious illness, to pay more attention to their own health.

dream about bitten, indicates the contradiction between recently will and others, but the result against their will, need more attention.

dream about bitten by snakes, heralding the recent good luck, will bring good luck, life is also very rich, is auspicious.

dream about snake bites, his wife is ominous, will encounter sad misfortune.

dream about the enemy was bitten by the snake, the enemy will kill each other, both in the end.

Psychology meaning:

dream explanation: if you are bitten in a dream, shows you must withstand infringed upon. Instead, also means that you can't control his aggressive motives and desires.

Psychological analysis:

if you bite others in a dream, or with a bite of fruit, said you have a certain claims or idea, you will go all out to realize your idea or desire.

spirit symbol: you should not only understand oneself for evil power, but also should see yourself may be a victim of malicious attacks.

original duke of zhou interprets

teeth to others, to revenge. "The duke of zhou interprets"

the above is my analysis of dream what do you mean by insect bite , hope to help you.