Dreamed that he was ill is what mean

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dreamed that he was ill what's the meaning of ? Dreaming that I am what is ill symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

dreamed that he was ill that your body is very healthy.

commuters dream dreamed that he was ill, indicate your finances will rise, expected income will also increase continuously, suggest you should pay attention to, can with a temporary impulse not to waste money.

married people have a dream dreamed that he was ill, heralding the feelings between husband and wife very conjugal love, even if sometimes quarrel with each other soon and good, suggest you don't worry too much.

businessman dream dreamed that he was ill, predict their hard operation business will be thriving, bring a lot of benefits, investment will be rich.

the young dream dreamed that he was ill, heralding the chart is very good, your friendship relation also becomes harmonious and the people around me, when you encounter difficulties, everyone is willing to give you help.

injection dreamed that he was ill, indicates the recent luck you feel not so good, to be aware of the side, to avoid being framed.

a man dreaming that I am ill injections, indicates the difficulties you met in the recent past is solved, the mood also improved, oneself to harvest a lot from it.

women dreaming that I am sick of injections, heralding the recent bad luck, you suffered a rude, let your mood has been bad, need more relax, let oneself to outdoor breathe the fresh air, to relieve the mood.

dying dreamed that he was ill, indicates the other half of the body will be discomfort, they need to pay more attention and care.

dreamed that he was vomiting blood was dying, heralding the poor in the study, due to his lack of concentration, vulnerable to the temptation of others, but don't lose heart, you can take this opportunity to exercise their own insist on degrees, can only get better progress well.

dreamed that he was dying, cancer indicates recently by the trust of others, people person can also greatly improve, everything will be all right, also is a good omen.

dreaming that I am poisoning was dying, indicates the recent mood is low, but will soon get better, their don't have to worry too much.

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