What is the meaning of dreamed of was in the hospital

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dream about what is meant by the hospital ? What symptom is dreamed of was in the hospital? The following analysis for everyone.

dream about be in hospital, means that the body healthy and strong.

the old man dreamed of be in hospital, the body is very healthy.

patient dreamed of in the hospital, will soon be restored to health.

dreamed that his girlfriend was in the hospital, indicates his love girlfriend, is more concerned about the health of his girlfriend, may also means girlfriend recently body is not very comfortable.

dreamed that the boss was in the hospital, good omen, heralding the work can be very handy.

dreamed that he was ill, said the body health, life happiness.

women dreaming that I am sick, usually symbol of pregnancy.

girls dream about illness, the symbol of love.

young man dreaming that I am sick, is a representation of introspection or psychological burden will marry a beautiful wife.

students dreamed that he was ill, is urging students to take time to study, or performance will decline.

husband dreamed that his wife was ill, could suggest that home encounter misfortune, or life pressure, life in trouble.

wife dreamed that her husband fell ill, promises to be her husband a long life.

dream friend sick that may lose their friends for help.

dream about enemy fell ill, is bad, said the strength of the enemy, suggest you were defeated by the enemy.

dreaming that I am sick patients, suggesting that the disease will improve, reduce the psychological burden.

prisoners dreaming that I am sick, symbolize a commutation of their sentences, or more out of jail.

the above is my analysis of dream about what is meant by the hospital, want to help you.