What is the meaning of dream for the parade

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dream for the parade is good, what's the meaning of ? Dream to parade what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

dream about marching, indicated that will receive the message.

dreaming that I am one of the leading enterprises in the parade, you will get the public recognition.

dreamt that participate in the festival ceremony, or festival parade, predict will be welcome by the opposite sex, dating, carefully grasp, don't miss the opportunity.

women dreamed that he marched, suggesting marriage may encounter setbacks, may be divorced with her husband.

dream about student to participate in the parade, predict learning will drop, excluded in the exam. The dream remind you in the near future especially not to relax, to concentrate on studying hard.

officials dreamed that he add the procession, predicting leadership and needs recognition, reuse.

travelers have dreamed that he go to parade, suggests that may have an accident, especially pay attention to the safety of traffic safety.

dream about watching parades, indicated that you will get trust, increase the salary.

dreamed that he joined the police parade, life and property will be protected.

the above is my analysis of dream for the parade is good, have what meaning, the following analysis for everyone.