Dream lover is what mean

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dream lover is good, what's the meaning of ? Dream lover have what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

my dream lover, may be your partner now, may be your ideal of the perfect lover, make up for the regret in real life.

dreamed of his lover, suggesting that you may be due to personality, romantic, and getting into trouble; On the other hand, may also just said, there has been the idea in your subconscious mind.

dreaming that I get along with lover together happy, indicated that you will be put to the feelings of pleasure and pain.

dream and lover to leave that you will have unexpected harvest in terms of money.

dream about looking for a lover, show that there exist the dreamer in the subconscious ideas;

dream as opposed to a lover, but have nothing to say, said the other side of you is still lack of temperature, two people should be more together, let each other to know your advantages, might as well go to the short-term travel, for heating.

dream about quarrel with lover, had trouble predict interpersonal relationships, may disagree with his friends, this is your attitude and behavior will affect the reputation of in the future, so be extra careful consideration.

dream about and lover kiss, show that you feel annoyed, sexually may now just Platonic love is to let you very can't meet; Maybe you worry about is finally impulse, make yourself regret in the future. Or affect your things with their lives.

women dream about flirting with lover, signal of the other party may have to recognize your capricious, or self-righteous temper, hazy period is over, if you continue like this, he may leave you.

dream lover to send you a gift, said love is developing rapidly, but if an affair, must be careful, lest regret for life in the future.

dream lover confide intimate things, you or I love you indicate you very likely there will be a rival in love, but you can't use blunt tool to deal with, otherwise it may backfire, can only be tolerant and tender, soon rival will automatically leave, love natural recovery between you.


dream lover together with others, and is very close, suggest you are probably tired recently, health, especially mental conditions are falling sharply, to pay attention to rest, reduce work and dating.

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