Dream about zombies,Dreaming about many zombies

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Zombies are the expression of certain emotions. Zombies, seemingly bloodless, have become apathetic in spirit. Such people have become numb to the whole life, completely enclosed their inner feelings, have no emotional response to the world, and are mechanical to others. This kind of person's emotion is extremely depressed, they become rigid and lose vitality due to lack of emotion and love.

People have two sides, the cold side and the friendly side. Dream that the resurrection of zombies represents your apathy, which is very serious recently. You should pay attention to adjust your mentality, otherwise it is easy to lose balance.

Dreaming about zombies means that you are going to forget some unpleasant things and be ready to stand up again from your disappointment. Don't be afraid. If the dream is happy, it is a auspicious dream. If it is sad and serious, there will be accidents.

Dream about zombies into the home will be lucky omen. It's a good fortune to dream about holding the corpse in your arms. If the corpse smells bad, your career will be more prosperous. If it's a corpse or a maggot, you'll get a lot of money, and you may make a lot of money.

When you dream about being chased by zombies, it means that you are inexperienced, easily persuaded, cheated, or even misled. You should know who is harming you and who is helping you in your mind.

Dream about zombies coming out of the coffin indicates that friends who haven't contacted for a long time will suddenly visit.

Dream about talking to zombies to show that some small wishes can be achieved, things in progress will succeed, or things in discussion will have good news.

But if the dream zombies cry, it means that everything is not going well, and the wishes can not be achieved.

Dreaming about many zombies means that you are nervous and need a good rest.

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