Dreaming about being chased by ghosts

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Dreaming about being chased by ghosts means that you are inexperienced, easily persuaded, cheated, or even misled. You need to know who is harming you and who is helping you in your mind.

The dream about being chased by a ghost shows that you feel a lot of pressure recently because of some things on your mind, which makes your mind heavy, and the pressure can not be released.

It is auspicious to dream about attacking ghosts, suggesting that the dreamer can avoid disaster through his own active preparation.

The dream that I run as soon as I see a ghost implies that the dreamer is afraid, and his escape psychology is occupied, and he doesn't want to face it. Dreaming about ghosts in the hospital means that sorrow is gone.

Dreaming about becoming a ghost means that it may be a sign of the improvement of fortune or the arrival of wealth. A dream about a ghost fire indicates disaster.

Dreaming about being chased by ghosts and gods means that you may have a serious disease recently. It's better to have a general examination soon, especially pay attention to the health of the liver.

Dream about being beaten and scolded by ghosts, which is a bad omen. Not only will you encounter serious disease, but also if you don't pay attention to it, you will be attacked maliciously by competitors at work, and your relationship with your superiors or superior departments will probably deteriorate.

The dream that you are captured by a ghost shows that you may have strong social intention, or hope to get everyone's applause and care, so that you can attract everyone's attention through the ghost. Especially in your subconscious mind, you must think that if you are captured by a ghost, all people should focus on you. In this way, you will be noticed. In fact, the reason why you are afraid of ghosts in your dreams is to show your helplessness. You are not afraid of ghosts. What you are afraid of is that people don't pay attention to you, just use ghosts to disguise your motives.